Iran, Syria, Libya, Turkey Stage Palestine PR Event Nakba in Israel

By Joel Leyden
Israel News Agency

Jerusalem ---- May 14, 2011 ...... It's not about Palestine or the Palestinians. What the world is about to witness is event marketing at its very, oil funded best. Iran, Syria, Libya, Turkey and Qatar are now funding a PR diversion away from the hundreds of murders in Syria and Libya by government forces against pro democracy citizens and focusing on Israel.

Whenever Arab states are forced to confront poverty, disease and a total lack of basic human rights in their own countries they always use the Palestinians. They pour millions of rich oil dollars into PR campaigns to deflect from the suffering in their own totalitarian states to discredit the only free democracy in the Middle East - Israel.

The Nakba Day protests for Palestine are nothing less than a professional marketing charade. Instead of monies going towards new hospitals and the implementation of basic human rights for Palestinians living under terror group Hamas ruled Gaza, Arab oil money is going towards the throwing of rocks and terror attacks on peace seeking Israel civilians.

One only needs to look at the facts.

Nakba Day Palestine protests were created to mark the protest against the creation of Israel in 1948. What almost everyone seems to forget is that the Arabs living in British ruled Palestine were offered their own state by the UN in 1948. They rejected having their own state, living in peace side by side with Israel, for joining Arab armies attacking the small democracy in the promise of having it all.


Desperate to have CNN, FOX, BBC, AP and Reuters to point their cameras away from government forces in Syria, Libya and Iran slaughtering thousands of people who are demanding freedom, democracy and peace, Arab PR terrorists are now using poor Palestinians to bleed for their governments.

No different than Turkey and Qatar trying to appease Islamic terrorists by paying the public relations firm Fenton Communications in Washington, D.C. to create the so called Gaza peace flotilla to break the so called siege of Gaza (no one is starving in Gaza - they receive tons of food daily by the UN and the Red Cross just stated there is no humanitarian crisis in Gaza) - Syria and Iran are seeking to attack Israel to keep their own citizens under dictatorships.

No where in the Middle East, except for Jordan, is there a democracy which provides full respect and human rights for Palestinians other than Israel.

While at the same time, Syria, Iran and Libya pay poor Palestinians to throw rocks at Israel Defense Forces (IDF) troops, Israel police and Jewish and Christian civilians. Palestinians who live inside Israel are happy people. They have full human rights, socialized medicine and equal opportunity for work and to serve in Israel's Knesset (Parliament).

Who are the true victims of the Nakba Day Palestine protests in Israel?

Palestinians. Not because they lost a state that they rejected in 1948 and every day since. But because they allow themselves to be used by Syria and Iran for a day of lethal PR exercises while risking their lives, their family lives and a true and lasting peace in the region.

Iran, Syria and Libya are praying that Israel forces will kill some of the paid Palestine protesters in Jerusalem and in the West Bank. Once that happens, they would use that as an excuse to launch missile attacks against Israel cities from Gaza and Lebanon, again praying for a war against Israel that would take the media spotlight away from the murder and repression of their own citizens.

As the Arab revolutions for democracy take place, one cannot forget the many signs that were seen in Egypt just a few weeks ago.

These signs read: "Israel is not hurting me - my own government is bombing me. Please stop!"


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