Was Israel Behind Attack On Syrian Chemical Weapons Convoy To Lebanon?

Israeli children have become targets of both Syria and Iran.

By Joel Leyden
Israel News Agency

Jerusalem --- February 1, 2013 … One fact is certain. A Syrian weapons convoy carrying ground to air missiles with chemical warheads to Hezbollah in Lebanon, never made their lethal delivery. On Wednesday, officials in the US announced that Israel had contacted them to inform of a pending attack on the Syrians while reliable sources in the Middle East point to Syrian rebels for taking credit on the pre-emptive attack.

The UN reports that their observers did not witness Israeli aircraft crossing the Lebanese border.

Either way, missiles with chemical warheads are not pointing at Israel from Lebanon as you read these words. Nor would Israel or the US allow this scenario to occur.

White House Deputy National Security Adviser Ben Rhodes did not confirm details of any Israeli raid but had a warning to issue to Syria yesterday.

"Syria should not further destabilize the region by transferring weaponry to Hezbollah," he said.

A US official told the BBC the target was a Syrian convoy carrying SA-17 surface-to-air missiles. Some rebel groups have said they targeted the Jamraya center and that Iranian soldiers were among those attacked guarding the missiles.

Israel has made no comment. Nor will it. Israel is not seeking an all out conflict with Iran and Syria but if forced they are more than ready with much help from the US, NATO, Turkey and several other nations. Israeli silence may be attributed to face saving. Israel is strong enough not to boast of its covert military and INTEL activity so as not to provoke the egos in Damascus or Tehran.

As for Syria, the British-educated eye doctor Bashar Assad can see that any attack against Israel would be his death sentence. He is about to enjoy his fourth child and is presently being given options to leave the country by Russia. The days of trying to deflect away from his massacres of over 60,000 civilians by sending protesters to the Israel border on the Golan to protest for Palestinians are transparent and over.

It is Iran which truly wishes for a fight with Israel. Driven by Islamic Jihad (holy war against Jews and Christians) and regional conquest, Iran would stop at nothing to draw blood. Iran's only regional ally is Syria. All of the other Arab states are on the same page with Israel. It is Iran that constitutes a real threat to the Middle East, Europe and North America.

As Israelis prepare for the worst in securing gas masks and moving their Iron Dome defense system to the North, they rest assured that they have the finest military in the Middle East. A military which has the support of many old and new friends - from the US to Saudi Arabia.

Israel will not allow chemical weapons to be distributed anywhere on its borders. And if anyone doubts this fact, they can visit the freshly dug graves in Jamraya.




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