Will Syria Use Chemical Weapons Against Israel?

By Joel Leyden
Israel News Agency

Jerusalem, Israel --- July 17, 2012 ... Syrian President Bashar Assad never saw it coming. For a former London trained eye doctor, Assad has failed at being able to treat his own arrogant blindness.

The Arab Spring swept upon the Middle East like a Hamsin or a windy, desert heat wave. Not even air conditioning could leave one untouched.
From Libya and Egypt to Iran and Morocco, Arabs came out of their homes demanding democracy.

In Syria, the government responded by murdering over 9,000 civilians. As Dale Carnegie would say, ya don't make friends by killing those you govern.

Today, hundreds of diplomats, Syrian military generals and regular soldiers are defecting to Jordan and Turkey. They see the end coming. Bashar Assad only sees promises of support by Russia and China. What Bashar Assad fails to realize is that he is not up against the CIA or Mossad. His own people hate him. Almost every citizen in Damascus knows of a family relative and or friend who has been murdered, injured or tortured for speaking out for a democratic government.

The US has reached out. And reached out again. But now that the Obama reaching out is turning into a joke, the only real option on the table is a military one. But will the US, UK, France, Israel and NATO move on Syria?

Not quite yet. They want to make sure that their t's are crossed and i's are dotted. They have waited for certain developments to take place. And they are taking place.

The Red Cross has declared that Syria is now engaged in a civil war. Which means that when Assad massacres hundreds of protesting civilians, he can no longer hide behind saying that "Islamic terrorists" were responsible. Assad and those still around him will be wanted by the international community for war crimes.

The message to those still supporting Assad is: "if you don't leave Syria now, we will come looking for you and we will find you."

This week the UN will take its last shot at creating a cease fire. Kofi Annan, the international envoy to Syria, is now meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin to threaten Bashar al-Assad with tough sanctions. It is expected that both Russia and China will support a UN peace plan. But if that plan dissolves, as many expect it will, a military option will be used with the full support of the international community.

Assad, in expecting the worse to happen has taken two steps. He has redeployed his troops from the Golan Heights border with Israel and placed them in and around Damascus. This confirms that Israel was never a real threat. He has increased security around his WMD - his chemical weapons which include Sarin, Tabun, VX, and mustard gas.

The White House warned the Syrian government today that it would be held accountable for safeguarding any chemical weapons it possessed.

“There are certain responsibilities that go along with the handling and storage and security of those chemical weapons,” White House spokesman Josh Earnest told reporters when asked whether there was any US intelligence that backed up news reports on the probability of Syria resorting to chemical weapons against its own people and attacking Israel as a strategic diversion.

“We believe that the individuals who are responsible for living up to those challenges should do so and will be held accountable for doing so.”

Many observers believe that Assad will first use these chemicals on his own people.

Nawaf Fares, the first Syrian ambassador to defect has voiced this option publicly. But should Assad make any kind of move to transport and load chemicals onto missiles, he will only see one, final, very quick, blinding flash of light. That would be the Israel Air Force saying no way and good-bye.

For all the trauma that Israel's children have suffered on the northern border as a result of terror rocket and missile attacks from Iran backed Hezbollah in Lebanon, their suffering is small compared to the many fresh graves still being dug for the citizens of Syria who choose peace and prosperity over Islamic Jihad.



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