Ron Dermer Appointed As Israel's Next US Ambassador

By Joel Leyden
Israel News Agency

Jerusalem, Israel --- July 9, 2013 …Part of the following was communicated by the Prime Minister's Media Adviser to the Israel News Agency.

Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has appointed Ron Dermer as Israel's next Ambassador to the US. Over the past four years, Dermer has served as Prime Minister Netanyahu's senior adviser and previously (2005-2008) served as the economic attache' at the Israel Embassy in Washington.

Dermer is 42, married and the father of five children. Ron is a graduate of the University of Pennsylvania Wharton School of Business and holds a master's degree in philosophy, politics and economics from Oxford.

In 2004, Natan Sharansky and Dermer wrote The Case For Democracy: The Power Of Freedom to Overcome Tyranny And Terror which became a best-seller and has been translated into ten languages.

Ron Dermer was born and raised in Miami Beach, Florida, as the younger son of Yaffa Rosenthal, who was born in Mandate Palestine and moved to Florida with her parents shortly after Israel won its independence. His father, Jay Dermer, a trial lawyer from New York, became Mayor of Miami Beach in the late 1960s.

Dermer worked as a political consultant for Natan Sharansky in the 1999 campaign, and from January 2001 for nearly three years he wrote a column “The Numbers Game” for the Jerusalem Post. In 2005, while Benjamin Netanyahu served as Finance Minister under Ariel Sharon, Dermer was appointed Minister for Economic Affairs to the Israeli embassy in Washington, a post for which he had to give up his American citizenship. In 2008, after his return to Israel, he became adviser to Netanyahu, who became Israel's prime minister in April 2009.

Israeli Ambassador to the US Michael Oren will be missed in Washington.
Photo: The New York Times

Currently Dermer is Netanyahu’s most senior adviser. His office is right next to Netanyahu. Dermer is said to run much of the interference with the Obama White House, and is intimately involved in the diplomatic process with the Palestinians. But perhaps is Ron is best known for writing many of Netanyahu’s speeches. He's considered Netanyahu's closest adviser and strategic consultant.

Dermer is married to Rhoda Pagano Dermer. The couple has four children and live in Jerusalem.

"Ron Dermer has all the qualities necessary to successfully fill this important post," said Netanyahu. "I have known him for many years and I know that Ron will faithfully represent the State of Israel in the capital of our greatest ally – the USA. On behalf of the citizens of Israel, I wish him great success."

The Israel News Agency is proud of both Ambassador Michael Oren and the new Ambassador Ron Dermer. We had the pleasure to work with both men and can say without any doubt that Netanyahu has made two brilliant choices - one after the other. Both Oren and Dermer represent what is best about Israel. Intelligent, wise, strong, unfailing perseverance and extremely articulate.
We wish both Michael and Ron much success in the days to come.


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