Poll: Jewish Democrats Abandoning Obama for Romney, Economy, Israel

By Karen Levy
Israel News Agency

New York, New York --- October 4, 2012 ... Jewish Democrats who have voted for Democratic Presidents in the past four Presidential elections are now jumping ship and plan on voting for the economic and foreign policies advocated by US Presidential candidate Mitt Romney.

The INA poll, which was released after the first Presidential debate last night where Mitt Romney clearly buried a depressed and nervous Barack Obama, illustrates that over fifty percent of all democratic voters are now either unsure or committed to voting for the Romney team.

Another poll released last month confirms predictions that Obama was losing up to a quarter of the Jewish votes he got in 2008.
The Investors Business Daily/Christian Science Monitor/TIPP Poll
gives a breakdown of religion along with other demographic groups.

"American Jews have always picked the liberal side due to their own history of suffering," said Joel Leyden, Director of Jews4MittRomney.com. "American Jews have always perceived the Democratic Party as being more sensitive and understanding to human issues. But after four years of no hope and no change, of unemployment at its worst rate in over 30 years, and with Israel being threatened with nuclear weapons by Iran, the Jewish vote is now going through an historic transition."

President Barack Obama was badly defeated in his first televised Presidential debate last night. Obama faced a confident, knowledgeable and aggressive Mitt Romney who was not intimated by the President's arrogance.

“Mitt Romney took control of the first debate and won it handily on both substance and style," said Republican Jewish Coalition (RJC) Executive Director Matt Brooks.

“Last night Americans saw the real Mitt Romney, not the caricature of the negative attack ads and biased media reports. They saw Romney in command of the facts, secure in his principles and demonstrating the leadership and competence that has been missing in the White House for nearly four years."

Brooks added: “Romney made his case effectively on taxes, jobs, protecting the middle class, and health care. But he also gave voice to the enduring values of America, showed how far we have strayed from them under the Obama administration, and pledged to turn America back onto the path of economic growth and opportunity for all.”


All of US major media from CNN, FOX and the New York Times to AP, USAToday and the LA Times agreed that Obama was "rusty", "depressed" "not familiar with the issues" and "passive" when confronted by an articulate Romney.

"Obama is not used to being challenged in public," said Leyden. "He used master sales skills and was the right person at the right place using the right race card when running for his first term. American Jews as all Americans are now suffering. The lack of employment, homes being auctioned by banks, members of the US military not being allowed to vote and recent college graduates joining the unemployment lines have made everyone nervous. When one looks outside the US they see the Middle East in turmoil and America's most loyal ally - Israel - being ignored by the White House."

A Facebook group Jews for Mitt Romney has opened on the Internet and promises to answer many questions that Jewish democrats may have about Mitt Romney. As the Facebook groups states: "Republicans also have a heart. A very large and caring heart for Americans. We believe in enabling people, not making them dependent on government services. But if they need government services - they will be there."

"Barack Obama can ignore Israel's Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Jewish children carrying gas masks in Israel but he can't ignore the US public," said Leyden.

"On February 1, 2009, Obama said that his presidency would be a “one-term proposition” if the economy did not recover in three years. As Romney, a documented success in making Massachusetts thrive as governor and US businesses prosper and grow as one of America's most respected business leaders, said last night - the President may own his own airplane and house, but he does not own the facts. The facts illustrate a failed President who has made many promises and has kept none."


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