US In Denial As Islamic Terrorism Visits Boston

By Joel Leyden
Israel News Agency

New York, NY --- April 20, 2013 … With one Boston Marathon terror bomber dead and the other now in custody, thousands in Boston and around the US are celebrating. After police found Dzhokar Tsarnaev hiding in a boat, in a backyard in Watertown, MA, it appears to many that it is all over. The terrorism is gone. After all, the last remaining terrorist was captured. Right? Wrong.

Boston police have stated that they believe that the two Boston bombers acted alone. How does that explain extensive training in explosives, picking soft targets, working without a mobile phone that can be traced. How does that explain Tamerlan Tsarnaev, who was not a US citizen, traveling to Sheremetyevo, Russia, in January 2012.

How does that explain Tamerlan Tsarnaev creation of YouTube channels "Terrorists" and "Islam"?
Included in these videos is Sheik Feiz Mohamed calling children to Jihad and revelations which urges Muslims to kill the enemies of Islam and praises martyrs with a violent interpretation of Jihad.

How does that explain Tamerlan Tsarnaev shaving off his religious beard and following the rules of Islamic holy war and disguise immediately before attacking innocents at the Boston Marathon?

How does that explain that Russian authorities had warned the FBI about the violent, Islamic activities of Tamerlan Tsarnaev?

What we are witnessing is America in denial over the use and continued threat of Islamic terrorism.

Those who know this best are the CIA, NSA, FBI and even the Boston police. But they are handcuffed by law not to discuss nor even relate the words "Muslim" and "terrorism". It's called "government harassment" if they do.

It's also not politically correct.

So one must ask what is more important - being polite or staying alive?


In Israel, where I have lived for over 25 years, we do not have the luxury of being polite. Therefore we stay alive. We know that Islamic terrorism is not an enemy that Israel faces alone, but rather is a curse that all Western democracies must address. We know that Iran is building a nuclear bomb and has every intention to use it against the West.

Unless you have been living under a rock, one can no longer ignore the real threats of Iran and Islamic terror organizations including Hamas, Islamic Jihad, Hezbollah and al Qaeda.

Did Islamic terrorism come to a halt after 9/11 and the killing of Osama bin-Laden?

Ask the people of Boston.

But they are celebrating. Celebrating because they honestly believe that the police neutralized two Muslim terrorists and now they can go back to work, skiing, hiking, picnics, shopping in their malls and watching fantasy on NCIS.

They feel safe. And this feeling of safety has been falsely provided to them by those seeking re-election in Boston, Massachusetts and Washington. They are anything but safe.

The world does not revolve around the US. It's a big planet and is getting smaller every day with the use of the Internet - social media, text messaging and mobile phones. American, democratic culture is not safe in this world. For there is a very real war of cultures clashing upon one another. US culture is referred to as monochronic - or based on rules, whereas culture in the Middle-East is polychronic or based on relations.

How can terrorism even dare to raise its ugly head in the US? The US has rules that does not allow acts of terrorism. So what's going on?

First, I footnote. I do not hate Muslims. Nor do I attack peace loving Muslims in any manner. In fact, when I see Jews and Christians attacking Muslims on Facebook it gets me sick. It is racist. One only has to replace the word Jew for Muslim and you would then be looking at Nazi Germany.

These are misguided individuals that Facebook needs to suspend. But to attack Islamic terrorism is a different ball of wax.

Islam has a holy book called the Koran (Quran) which is saturated with violent verses. The Quran contains at least 109 verses that call Muslims to war with nonbelievers for the sake of Islamic rule. It calls for the death of all "Infidels" - Christians and Jews. And there are many who take these verses seriously. Just ask the children of Israel who are slammed with missiles by Hamas in Gaza and Hezbollah in Lebanon where their only crime is being Jewish. Ask the Christians of Egypt and Bethlehem.

The most frustrated people in the US must be the employees of the FBI, NSA, CIA and all law enforcement. They know it was Islamic terrorism that was the root cause for the violent national tragedy that took place in Boston. Yet, newspapers throughout the US have headlines that read: "Few Clues To Explain Two Brothers' Actions".

Few clues? It's called global Islamic Jihad. Did the US forget 9/11?
Do we need a nuclear bomb from Iran to wake up the US?

The clues are there. But your elected officials are afraid of calling a spade a spade. The clues are there, but law enforcement can do very little to educate the public.

That there are Muslim organizations in the US that are coming out to denounce the Boston terror bombings is a good first step.
But it is not enough.

Local law enforcement in the US needs to make better use of INTEL and get laws passed to use it. Americans deserve the right to enjoy the freedoms of democracy at the same time they need better protection. Local and federal law enforcement need to know what is happening in the Mosques in the US. Which Muslims actually believe that all Christians and Jews are Infidels? Without this basic, essential defense in place, we are looking at future bombings at shopping malls, parks, schools, restaurants, buses, trains and marathons that are taking place in cities throughout the US.

Islamic Jihad (Holy War against Christians and Jews) in the US has not come to an end with the capture of two Muslims in Boston.
Were they acting alone? Just ask those in Hamas and al Qaeda. Ask the Muslims of Chechnya and Dagestan. They have the Koran behind them. Their religion has become another suspect.

As for Jewish and Christian leaders who believe that they can rely upon prayer for the elimination of terrorism - please speak to the families of 8-year-old Martin Richard, 29-year-old Krystle Campbell, Lu Lingzi, a student from China, Sean Collier, 26, of Somerville, Mass., a police officer at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and those who have lost their legs and arms in the Boston Marathon terror attack.

As author Daniel Greenfield wrote in a recent feature Media Still Wondering What Possible Motive Muslim Terrorists Could Have for Killing Americans. "We know it can’t be Islam. That’s a religion of peace. Islamism can only refer to the political program. Just ask the AP. Muslim terrorists are non-persons. The political establishment pretends they don’t exist. And then they kill a bunch of people and the media has to explain why the people they can’t see and who they don’t believe exist somehow carried out an atrocity for no reason at all."

We cannot rely on prayer and being polite. We need to rely on local and federal law enforcement to be able to take whatever actions they need to get the job done. We need the US media to be brave enough to transcend being politically correct and call out the violent teachings of Islam, to request reforms in Islamic studies to make for a more secure and safe America. We need elected officials to pass laws which will enable your local law enforcement to protect you and your children.

Islamic terrorism just visited Boston.
Where will it visit next?


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