Investors, Angels, High Tech Investment Capital Sought for iSiT Software - Google, IBM Ranked First Place Startup

By Helen Katzman
Israel News Agency

Tel Aviv , Israel ---- February 15, 2011 ...... Say you're reading a news or feature article on the Internet from Google News, The New York Times, AP, Reuters, Wikipedia or a Blog regarding a hard to believe, a new state-of-the art mobile phone that just seems too good to be true. Maybe you just read reports about violent riots in Egypt, Yemen or Iran or perhaps a news story about a raging forest fire in California or natural disaster that's occurring in some corner of the world. You saw a headline about the financial insolvency of another Europe country or the closing of your local bank. You say to yourself, "Is it a fact? Is it true?"

The iSiT online, fact checking software application is being developed so that people can verify the credibility of online information in real time.

This highly creative startup idea was judged as the first place winner by Google, IBM and Sun Microsystems at a Startup Weekend Israel competition.

During 2010 the original team of founders reorganized themselves into a company called Isit Ltd., brought in some new key people, posted its Website at and wrote a comprehensive business plan and product roadmap to attract investment capital.

Today large amounts of information found on the Internet are often subjective, reported with a bias or with intent to distort or misrepresent facts. Almost anyone can post a blog online or publish information on such sites as Wikipedia.

"People have rightfully become highly skeptical of what they read online and what information they can rely upon," says David Marcus, CEO of Isit Ltd.

"Online information has become the lifeblood of our work, investments, finance, business, trade, leisure, entertainment, friendships and families. iSiT? will be used by millions of people that need to quickly check the credibility of general news, finance, political, sports and entertainment and pass it on to their social networks including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube. Currently there is no professional, quick and reliable method by which a person can verify the credibility of information online in real time. The award winning iSiT Internet fact checking software application fills this gap."

iSiT is a Web 2.0, Web 3.0 software application based on deep knowledge of data base integration, a clever application of journalistic principles and its integration with SEO algorithms. Because iSiT is a computer generated service which takes into account changing reliability factors, the most reliable news sources and massive amounts of data there is no need to wait for the human response and no need to deal with human subjectivity which might lead to error. A provisional patent has been filed on the software application.

"The iSiT software will provide its users with 'credibility in a click' ", said Joel Leyden, Isit Senior VP of Marketing.

"We envision three target Internet markets for generation of revenues: the PC market, the corporate B2B market and the B2C smart phone application market. In addition, advertising and licensing opportunities will be aggressively pursued."

"We are seeking immediate investment for this Google and IBM judged award winning software application," says Marcus.

"We are speaking with a select number of VC, Angels, private investors and capital groups from New York, South Korea, Israel and the UK to France, Germany, Japan and China and want to widen the number of interested parties and potential partners. When potential investors such as Google, Microsoft, Yahoo, AOL, Facebook, HP, SONY, Apple, ARC Angle Fund, Trident Capital, BlackRock, The Blackstone Group, Barclays Global Investors N.A., Lehman Brothers - Wealth and Asset Management Division, Osage Partners, Goldman Sachs, and others whose investments are listed on NYSE, NASDAQ and AMEX equity markets are seeking creative Internet, new media, social media, Web 3.0 software applications that could enhance their ROI they become more than eager to share coffee with us," says Leyden.
Leyden, an Internet pioneer who co-created the first Website in Israel and serves as a social networking and new media consultant to hundreds of global organizations including two governments, says that those industries which would benefit from IsIt Software would be financial and brokerage firms, news, information, database and editorial distribution services, security, intelligence INTEL agencies, academic institutions and political parties.

"We have a winner. We just want to make sure that the baby is born and developed in the most effective, practical and timely manner."

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