New York Law Firm, Judge Kristin Booth Glen Deny Heart Patient Food

By Lisa Klein
Israel News Agency

New York, New York --- December 4, 2012 ... In what appears to be one of the most perverse twists of justice in New York, a law firm requested and New York Surrogates Court Judge Kristin Booth Glen agreed to deny a 60-year-old heart patient his request to have emergency money from his Trust for food.

The 60 year-old Israeli-American, who is presently unemployed and separated from his family in Israel said that decision rendered by the Surrogate's Court will be appealed.

"I have a Trust which was authored by a New York law firm for my late father Bernard Leyden for my 'well-being', 'protection' and to be implemented in 'emergencies' which was totally ignored by Judge Kristin Booth Glen," said the Israeli-American.

"Under the guise that the Order To Show Cause was improperly served upon the Trustee Brian Leyden, of Kings Point, New York, the New York law firm did the opposite of what the Trust was created for. I have been separated from my children and work in Israel for over two years, I have no income and came to the court under an emergency, and rather than showing understanding and compassion, the court has threatened to sanction my attorney for asking the court to provide money for food."

"I take heart medicine which regulates my heart, I am under orders by cardiologists to reduce this life threatening stress and the reaction of the New York court is not only to deny me emergency money but slanders me in the process."

Judge Kristin Booth Glen described the Israeli-American's request for emergency money for food as "frivolous".

The Israeli-American works as a senior advisor to the Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs and states that he has been the victim of age discrimination in seeking employment in a deeply recessed US economy.

The Israeli-American, who is suing the New York law firm for 10 million dollars for defamation, said that he has been at the scene of terror attacks in Israel as a border policeman and in all the years of witnessing Islamic terrorism, nothing compares to the treatment he has been subjected to by the New York law firm.

"This New York law firm even motioned that I not be granted to appear before the court again in regards to my Trust, a motion which was denied by Judge Kristin Booth Glen. But Glen then responded that my attorney should not be representing me."

The attorney for Israeli-American said that Glen's actions were beyond articulation in that the Judge was actually implying that Israeli-American be denied legal counsel.

"There is no victory for either Brian Leyden or this Jewish owned New York law firm in denying me the means to go home and be reunited with my children," said the Israeli-American. "The ones being harmed here are three children of mine who have been living under the threat of terror missile attacks from Hamas in Gaza. They need money for food, rent and clothes. They should not be subjected to more suffering."

The New York law firm has not responded to comment by the Israel News Agency.


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