Heritage Affinity Services (HAS) Launches Support Israel Credit Card

By Joel Leyden
Israel News Agency

Jerusalem----October 7, 2005.......Heritage Affinity Services (HAS) has just launched the "HAS Advantage" card, the first ever support Israel credit card in the United States, issued in conjunction with US Bank and Visa.

Major charities and organizations in Israel and the U.S such as poverty, education, social services, victims of terror, museums, scientific advancement, and healthcare are already involved in our program which went live last week with a soft launch. The official launch begins in November, with a major PR and advertising campaign targeted to the Jewish community.

Heritage Affinity Services, in conjunction with US Bank and Visa, introduces HAS Advantage, the first-ever Visa Platinum card that offers great rewards and gives cardmembers an opportunity to support Israel-related charities with every purchase.

According to Karin Dimant of HAS, the card has two main functions. The first is a donation to the charity of the cardholder's choice every time the card is used and the second is a comprehensive rewards program in which the cardholder receives a point for every dollar spent.

Non-profit bodies joining The HAS Advantage Card program benefit in three ways: tap into a new, innovative and constant revenue stream (without the cost of soliciting new donors) receive invaluable exposure to new target markets as well as a platform to connect with existing supporters, increase bottom line constituent base.

Heritage Affinity Services is providing these benefits at no cost to the organization. Rewards program HAS points can be redeemed for a multitude of tangibles such as domestic travel in the United States on any airline, gift certificates at major retailers, valuable merchandise such as electronics, appliances household items and apparel, Judaica.

The Israel related rewards part of the program (helps us define our uniqueness) include miles on EL AL Airlines, room nights at the Dan and Sheraton hotel chains, rental cars from Avis and Budget, and a multitude of other great rewards. In addition, HAS promotes tourism to Israel and purchase of Israeli products by providing great travel rewards, discounts and future double points at venues throughout the country.

The Vision Heritage Affinity Services has spent tremendous time and effort developing an all encompassing credit card program specifically targeting the Jewish community.

"The purpose is to create a strong bond between Israel and the American community at large," said spokesperson Ronn Torossian. "The HAS Advantage card transforms every day spending into a charitable opportunity, as well as a rewarding experience for the cardholder. Thus, cardholders feel an emotional and financial tie to the land and people of Israel."




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