Hezbollah Iran Missiles Slam Hadera Israel - Nuclear War Approaching?

By Joel Leyden
Israel News Agency

Tel Aviv----August 5......The only good thing about the terror group Hezbollah (Hizbollah) or Islam Party of God is that they keep their promises. Just two days ago Hezbollah terror leader Hassan Nasrallah said from Lebanon that he would strike Tel Aviv, Israel with missiles if the Israel Defense Forces attacked parts of central Beirut.

A few hours ago, Hezbollah launched three Iran missiles at the Israel city of Hadera. Hadera is 70 miles south from the Lebanese border and 30 miles north from Tel Aviv. The strike was the deepest inside Israel to date in the fighting between the Jewish state and the Lebanon-based terrorists. Hezbollah is believed to have missiles that can reach Tel Aviv, but such an attack would trigger a massive Israel response. One that would most likely include Syria and Iran.

Iran admitted today that it did indeed supply long-range Zelzal-2 missiles to Hizbullah. The longer-range Zelzal missiles, manufactured by Iran and are capable of reaching Tel Aviv, Jerusalem and Beer Sheva in the Negev. In making this announcement, Iran reinforced its statement of "wiping Israel off the map" and though bullets are not flying yet between Israel and Iran, both nations are very much at war.

Hadera, contrary to many reports, is not "northern" Israel but rather a blue collar working class city located on the coast in central Israel. Hadera is not Tel Aviv, but Israeli security forces see very little difference. Police have reported that the three missiles which slammed in and around Hadera caused little damage with no casualties.

That is physical damage that I am referring to.

Following the rocket attack on Hadera, IDF Colonel Yechiel Kuperstein, head of the Home Front Command's defense department, stated that the new procedures issued for residents south of Haifa apply to all residents on Israel's coastline plane, including Tel Aviv. According to Kuperstein, an evaluation of the situation will be held on Saturday and will be followed by renewed procedures to the public for next week. The colonel said that should the need arise residents of areas south of Haifa a warning one minute prior to the expected landing of a rocket or rockets.

And this is what Hezbollah wants. Not rockets - but air raid sirens.
Hezbollah is waging a psychological war on the Israel public. Progressively hitting targets deeper into Israel. First it was Kiryat Shomena and Nahariya. Then Haifa and Afula. Hezbollah could have fired missiles into Tel Aviv weeks ago, but that would not have served their purpose.

One must remember that Hezbollah is first and foremost a "terror" organization. Yes, they have a well trained army operating inside Lebanon, an army which should have been disarmed by Lebanon according to UN Security Council Resolution 1559 passed in 2004. An army which hides behind a civilian population. An army which stores and fires its weapons from residential buildings, hospitals, schools and Mosques.

Why has Hezbollah not struck Tel Aviv? There are two answers. One - Hezbollah gets its orders directly from Iran and Iran is not yet prepared to hit Tel Aviv. Two - they want the Israel public to sweat.

As the missiles reach further south, so does the psychological war. Yes, these rockets are capable of carrying half a ton of chemical or conventional warheads as far as Tel Aviv. The Zelzal-2, is not a missile, but a 610 mm heavy artillery rocket with a 1323 lb (600 kg) payload and range of 130 miles (210 km).
But it is not explosives or chemicals that Hezbollah is counting on. It is fear.

The Israel public has been traumatized by the constant sounding of warning sirens from Haifa to the Lebanese border. Now Hezbollah wants these same sirens to paralyze Tel Aviv. For the very true target of terrorism is to destroy the commercial infrastructure of its enemies.

Modern Israel has lived with terrorism since its birth in 1948. Palestine Islam suicide bombers have blown up buses, restaurants, shopping centers and several other civilian targets. Yet, Israelis have not run away. One does not see thousands of Israelis relocating to Europe or North America. The same as after a hit at the symbolic commercial strike of the World Trade Center, New York's commercial infrastructure is stronger than ever.

After the Holocaust, we Israelis learned that we needed to reestablish a homeland which would provide security for each and every Jew. If Syria and Iran think that they can keep pushing this psychological and explosives war down the throats of this Jewish nation, to force our population into bomb shelters, then they need to look again at New York after 9/11, Tel Aviv after several bus bombings, London after the underground and bus bombings, Spain's rail system and Turkey's stock exchange.

These free democracies do not run and hide.
And Israel, remembering the horrors of the Holocaust, remembering "never again," will not hesitate to use any weapons it may possess including nuclear, laser, electromagnetic, thermobaric and or any other conventional or non-conventional weapons to vaporize those who threaten our children.

To every Syria and Iran intelligence agent that reads this news story, think again how far you wish to push Israel. Think again, about how the US ended its war with Japan. If you truly wish to meet Allah and 72 virgins, just hit Tel Aviv.
As Clint Eastwood once said: "make our day."

Iran and Syria must now be confronted by the Arab world community, if that community truly cares about the children living in Damascus and Teheran.

If forced to strike, Israel and the rest of the Middle East the day after would then be able to focus on trade and commerce, rather than hate, terrorism and bombs.

We Jews will not walk quietly into gas chambers again. We do not fear you. Rather, we pity the destruction that you will bring upon your own people.



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