UN, Global Media Silent As 80 Hamas Gaza Rockets Slam Israel - Bad PR?

By Joel Leyden
Israel News Agency

Jerusalem, Israel --- October 24, 2012 ... Over 80 rockets launched by the Hamas terror group in Gaza rained on Israel today.
At least 4 Israelis were injured, with one in critical condition.

One rocket that slammed into a kibbutz in the Eshkol region of southern Israel blew away the wall of a house, leaving a large crater in the ground and coming within feet of murdering a woman who managed to make it to the air raid shelter in time.

As the Islamic terror rockets poured down on Israel there was not one word mentioned at the UN.

"The continued silence of the UN Security Council is a green light for further terrorist activities by Hamas," said Israel's ambassador to the United Nations, Ron Prosor. Prosor sent a strong letter of complaint to the UN Secretary General and to the Security Council saying: “The daily lives of a million Israelis are paralyzed. Parents do not go to work and children do not go to school. The barrage of rockets just keeps growing and causes severe damage to life and property. This tragic situation must stop."

One must wonder why CNN, FOX News, CBS, BBC, AFP, Reuters, AP and NBC say either nothing or have a small headline at the bottom of their news Website pages stating that Israel had killed Palestinians in Gaza. Is this really a non news story or has the media tired of the Israel vs. Islamic Jihad conflict?


Recently, the Jihadists who were backed by Iran and Syria to divert media attention away from massacres in Syria and Iran's development of a nuclear bomb sent one one "flotilla" propaganda ship from Europe to Gaza. The IDF played into this PR event marketing show with four warships, a Black Hawk helicopter, 10 fast-patrol boats and several other vessels to intercept the lone sailboat Estelle on Saturday.

This one Palestinian sail boat made hundreds of headlines on the Internet. While 80 rockets landing next to Jewish children in Israel's Negev and coastal plain almost went totally unnoticed.

How is it that one small sail boat can make so much noise while a massive barrage of terror rockets slamming Israel almost goes stealth?

Israel is a poor nation. Rich in intellectual resources, strong in defense but almost impotent in public relations.

The Israel Ministry of Foreign Affairs can barely function on its limited budget while the Gaza Flotilla idea was actually born on Madison Avenue. A US Justice Department document shows that Fenton Communications, a New York based public relations firm, had been working for “Al Fakhoora,” a Qatar-based pro-Palestinian initiative that participated in the illegal flotilla to Gaza and urged action against Israel.

According the group’s director, Al Fakhoora had “launched an advocacy campaign to file legal charges against Israel and change the public perception in the West about its actions.”

Millions of dollars are pumped into public relations and public affairs by the Arabs to discredit the only democracy in the Middle East, while Israel remains almost silent.

There is a solution.

The Israel Ministry of Foreign Affairs does not have the budget to retain a professional PR firm but the Israel Defense Forces does have a small budget to draft reserve soldiers into their spokesperson's department. The IDF spokesperson's international department could draft professional media and PR professionals to take up positions in Israel embassies in London, Paris and New York. They would be working in the same time zone and eating the same news cycle in these media capitals. They could get out news releases, coordinate press conferences, do lunch, interviews which would compliment any media and social media efforts that the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the IDF would be making in Jerusalem and Tel Aviv.

The holy war of Islamic Jihad against democracy takes place first and foremost in the Middle East with democratic Israel taking much of the lightening and thunder.
As powerful as Islamic suicide bomber belts, bullets, mortars and rockets are as they explode on Israeli soil, so are the lethal words that this Jihadist war produces in the global media, on Facebook and Twitter. It is high time that Jewish PR professionals wearing IDF uniforms start dialing AP, Reuters, FOX and CNN in New York and Washington.

How much do these phone calls cost in comparison to the cost of Jewish lives and rising, global anti-Semitism resulting directly from Islamic Jihadist propaganda?


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