Democrats Reject Jerusalem As Capital of Israel

Candidate Obama tells us that Jerusalem is the capital of Israel.
President Obama says that was a "mistake".

By Joel Leyden
Israel News Agency

Jerusalem, Israel --- September 6, 2012 ... The Democratic Party at the Democratic National Convention decided to delete all mention of Jerusalem, and of God, from the Party's platform. By rejecting Jerusalem as the historic and present capital of Israel, many feel that the Democratic Party was following the wishes of Barack Obama in turning their back to the Jewish, democratic state.

A move meant to seduce Arab American voters and gain favor with Arab states and Islamic political and financial investors.

By rejecting Jerusalem, the democrats were in fact rejecting Israel. Jerusalem is Israel. It is the heart and soul of the Jewish nation, let alone the seat of government.

Political analysts viewed the DNC rejection of Jerusalem as following the views of President Obama - not candidate Obama.

In 2008, Barack Obama had promised to relocate the U.S. Embassy to Jerusalem. He lied.
As candidate Obama, he did all to win Jewish votes, including making a trip to Israel and creating photo ops at the Western Wall.

As President Obama, he has stated that he had made a "mistake" in referring to Jerusalem as Israel's capital. This despite a 1995 US law recognizing Jerusalem as Israel's capital and ordered that the US embassy be relocated there.

As the public outcry by Jews and Christians reached fever pitch as the DNC spit at Jerusalem, the DNC went into crisis management mode. They asked the delegates, three times, to vote for the line “Jerusalem is and will remain the capital of Israel.”
It was a voice vote which had more Democrats yelling no than yes.

Obama, desperate to remain in the White House after accumulating more than 16 trillion dollars in debt and the worst unemployment record in 60 years, took credit for the vote for an Israel Jerusalem.

But it was too little, too late.
We have seen the true colors of both the Democratic Party and President Barack Obama.

Obama, who has the worse record of any US President in cooperating with foreign leaders, has proven that he cannot get the job done.
That he cannot be trusted.

What has Obama achieved in office?
Keeping the US auto industry running and paying millions of dollars to banking executives from a bankrupted national budget?

What can Obama take credit for?
Obama takes full and complete credit for killing Osama bin Laden when the only true praise should be proudly worn by the CIA, NSA and Navy SEALS.

Barack Obama standing in front of rockets from Islamic Jihad, Hamas ruled Gaza that had slammed into the Israeli southern town of Sderot.
Obama, who was to change his position on Jerusalem, encouraging terrorism against Israel upon becoming President.

Forget Jerusalem, let's just take a look at Iran.
President Obama wants to continue to "engage" Iran in talks. The Iranians also want to be engaged in talks - while they develop a nuclear weapon to wipe Israel off the map.

Hey, let's forget Israel all together. I mean, why would Israel be important to the US?

Now that is a question that many Americans would ask and deserve an answer.
Just look at the light bulb in your office or home. Smell the gas as it pours into your car. Look at all the Made in the USA products and ask yourself where did the oil come from to keep the car makers, retailers, trucks, airplanes and factories operating?

Without stable, democratic Israel, the 51st state, positioning itself to defend US national security interests, the US would not be in a recession, but a rather deep and disturbing depression. The day that the US is forced to rely upon it's own oil reserves will be the beginning of the end.

By voting for Barack Obama, a man who in the accurate words of Mitt Romney, has "thrown Israel under the bus", you would be voting for both the destruction of Israel and the US.


Egypt, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, but when was the last time Obama visited Israel?

Recently, Democratic National Committee Chairwoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz, told the world the Israeli Ambassador Michael Oren had told her that the Republicans were dangerous for Israel. Oren immediately came out and called Schultz a liar. It was not even a war of words, Schultz was caught trying to smear the Republicans and the Israeli Ambassador on tape.

In a Tuesday interview with Fox News, Wasserman Schultz claimed reporter Klein had deliberately misquoted her:

“I didn’t say [Oren] said that,” she said. “And unfortunately, that comment was reported by a conservative newspaper. It’s not surprising that they would deliberately misquote me. What I always say is that unfortunately the Republicans have made Israel a political football, which is dangerous for Israel. And Ambassador Oren has said that we can’t ever suggest that there is any daylight between the two parties on Israel because there isn’t. And that that’s harmful to Israel. That’s what I said, and that is accurate.”

The audio tape leaves no doubt as to whether Klein or Wasserman Schultz is telling the truth. Wasserman Schultz not only lied to hide her true comments, but took her dishonesty to another level when she knowingly made false accusations against both Klein and the Washington Examiner in her attempt to conceal what she said.

Can Israel trust the US INTEL community, the US defense establishment, the US Congress?

But ya just have to ask yourself - is this a President and a political party that you would trust your children's lives with?

My kids live in Israel.
They all have gas masks while Iran works on delivering a nuclear bomb to Tel Aviv.
As the Syrian government prepares to transfer chemical weapons to Hezbollah in Lebanon.

The answer is a very clear and very loud no.




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