Cantor Scott Harris To Be Installed by Temple Beth Hillel In South Windsor, CT

By Rebecca Shook
Israel News Agency

Hartford, CT --- September 7, 2012 ... Cantor Scott Harris will be installed at Temple Beth Hillel in South Windsor, CT. on Saturday evening, September 8th.

The event will begin with a complimentary dairy dinner open to all with a study session and culminating with the Selichot service.

"We are all very fortunate to have Cantor Harris joining our community," said Ann Hughes, President of Temple Beth Hillel.

"Prior to joining us here at Temple Beth Hillel, Cantor Harris had been Assistant Cantor at Temple Israel in Westport, CT since 2003, teaching and assisting in the preparation of B’nai Mitzvah students."

Harris received his BSEE from Central New England College of Technology in 1982. In 1998 Scott returned to school to pursue an avocation in the Cantorate, studying at The Academy of Jewish Religion, and Chazzanut with distinguished Cantors here in the Northeast. He is a member of both the Guild of Temple Musicians and The American Society for Jewish Music.

"During these past twelve years, I have rededicated myself to the perpetuation of Jewish life and the advancement of Torah for a contemporary American Jewish experience," said Cantor Scott Harris.


"I have worked diligently toward, and have collaborated with thoughtful colleagues and lay people to create intellectually stimulating and spiritually connecting T’fillot and congregational programming rooted in Torah, Avodah and Mitzvot."

Harris continued: "I have also advocated and encouraged connections with Eretz Yisrael. This I believe to be a fundamental component to our identity. My steadfast support of summer camp programs and Israel travel is rooted in building and strengthening the relationships formed with the Mishlachat that come to spend time with our children at camp in our religious organizations, and to enhance our position with them, to return and advocate for the State of Israel as a pluralistic society."

"Promoting a Jewish life within the community is important to my Cantorate. Yet the synagogue cannot only be my workplace, but my congregation too, one that is there for me and my family."

Harris concludes: "Jewish life and community is not only an important ingredient for my community, but for my home. Providing time and opportunities to help make Judaism meaningful to others is as crucial as nurturing similar meaningful connections between my wife Sharon, our son Daniel, our daughter Sarah and our Judaism."




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