Obama Speaks Peace As Gaza Rockets Fall On Israel

By Joel Leyden
Israel News Agency

Jerusalem, Israel --- March 21, 2013 … US President Barack Obama was awakened in Jerusalem early this morning with news that southern Israel was under rocket attack. Yet, Obama proceeded with his day viewing the Dead Sea Scrolls, speaking with the PA in Rahmallah and giving a speech in Jerusalem. The Islamic terror organization Hamas, targeted innocent civilians firing 4 rockets of which two slammed into the Israel town of Sderot.

Obama's speech at the Jerusalem Convention Center to hundreds of Israeli university students confused many. One can start to understand the massive frustration that Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu suffers from when encountering Obama.

Many feel that Obama is anti Israel. He talks about dividing Jerusalem, pulling out of the West Bank (the ancient homeland of Israel - Judea and Samaria) with a Gaza Hamas style government moving in shooting rockets at Tel Aviv. He points at Israelis building in their ancient, biblical capital of Jerusalem and expanding settlements in the West Bank as the cause of all problems.

The student audience that Obama addressed was not your typical "youth" from Chicago, New York or LA. These college students had all been through the Israel Defense Forces. They all know first hand the challenges that Israel faces when it comes to security.

Yet, Obama was talking to them about peace as if we were all thrown back to a drugged, sleepy Woodstock in 1969.

When will Barack Obama realize that Israel's problem, the Western world's problem is summed up in two words: Islamic Jihad.

Israelis want peace. Israelis cry for peace. Israelis die for peace as we make unilateral peace moves such as giving Gaza to Hamas and abandoning the Lebanon border to Hezbollah. What do we get in return?

Rockets and missiles from Gaza and Lebanon. Our citizens, our children are murdered, injured and suffer from PTSD.
We pray that the Iron Dome will intercept all rockets from Gaza and Lebanon, knowing that they will not.
We know that we have only seconds to get ourselves from our beds into underground air raid shelters when the sirens go off.

Yet Obama wants Israelis to talk about peace?

I must admit that I once thought that Obama with his Muslim educational upbringing in Indonesia and surrounded by many (Rashid Khalidi, Edward Said and Pastor Jeremiah Wright) who could not be more anti-Semitic and hostile to Israel was simply pro Islam and anti Israel. I don't believe that to be the case.

Obama was too passionate and too sincere in speaking to the Israeli students.

So what exactly is Obama's problem? The man is naive. Naive and arrogant. He knows Chicago, he knows Washington, he knows Kenya and Hawaii - he does not know the Middle East. And if he does truly know the Middle East - then our problem is much greater than anyone could possibly realize.

Mr. President - thank you for coming to Israel. Thank you for stating that the US has our back. Thank you for appreciating, even as you cross your arms as you stare at the 2,000 year-old Dead Sea Scrolls, our long heritage, culture and history.

But please, don't ask us to speak peace to those who wish us dead.
Islamic Jihad commands Muslims to kill Jews and Christians.

Once you are able to counter this hateful incitement embedded throughout the Middle East, please come back to Tel Aviv, Jerusalem and Haifa.
As you said, "Israel is not going anywhere".

Do you know why Israel is not going anywhere?

It's because Benjamin Netanyahu, Shimon Peres and the IDF know a thing or two about Islamic Jihad.
We are not about to leave our homes in the West Bank to have them replaced with rocket launchers.
We will not wait for the US to take out Iran's nuclear weapons facilities.

What would Obama do if this Hamas rocket
landed just outside of Washington, D.C.?


Israel will continue to do what it has done since 1948 and before. We have every intention of surviving and protecting our children.

Mr. President, please go to Egypt, Iran, Saudi Arabia and Syria.
With all due respect, please try talking to the citizens of Gaza about peace before lecturing us in Jerusalem.

Perhaps taking a few courses in cross-cultural communications to understand both Israel and our Islamic neighbors will be of help.

Israeli parents will be more than ready to speak to children in Rahmallah if they know that they will not be beheaded, fired upon, blown up or stoned to death.

Israel does not care to occupy another people, nor expel anyone.
But nor will we commit collective suicide by giving something to the Palestinian Authority (PA) which does not recognize Israel as a Jewish state.

Mr. President, if you truly care about Israel, Europe and North America, please address Islamic Jihad.
Our problem is not about land or territory.

Let's repeat, please talk to those who believe in and practice Islamic Jihad.

That's Islamic as the first word, Jihad as the second.

Mr. President, if Canada or Mexico was firing rockets at Detroit or Houston because they simply hated democracy - what would you do?

You might want to visit the children of Sderot before you leave Israel tomorrow.
Tell them to speak peace to Hamas.

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